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cat. Chasse 2019 p.260

Neutralizing Bio Shield 2 - 473 ml

Concorde Defender Concorde Defender

Neutralizing Bio Shield 2 - 473 ml

Item number : SP131

MSRP : 65.00 € incl. tax
473 ml
Item number : SP131
Item number Designation Category Vol (ml) MSRP Stock
Item number SP131 Designation 473 ml Category Free sale Vol (ml) 473 MSRP 65 € incl. tax

The available products can be ordered by your gunsmith who will be delivered in 24 / 48h, unavailable products are being replenished, but your gunsmith may have in stock, ask!

Neutralisant à effet rapide pour spray poivre, CS et CN

  • Fast effect.
  • 100% natural.
  • Non allergenic.
  • No side effect.
  • Bottle with air pressure.
  • Protects the ozone layer.
(box of 24).

More effective than water, it actively neutralizes tear gas OC and neutralizes agents CN, CS, Mace and pepper. A simple spray can get relief almost instantly. Pre-application of the product when exposure is anticipated is also recommended. Also decontaminates clothes, equipment and interior spaces.

Context : Key words: decontaminant, large volume spray of pepper spray, gel cs or gas cs, relieves the eyes after receiving defense spray.
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