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cat. Chasse 2019 p.47

Maral SF Nordic carbine with threaded barrel


Monocanon rayé Catégorie C

Maral SF Nordic carbine with threaded barrel

Item number : BRO2470 BRO2471

Item number Designation Category Caliber Shots Barrel (cm) Length (cm) Weight (g) Color Butt Hand Weapon Type MSRP Stock
Item number BRO2470 Designation Maral 308 Win Category C Caliber .308 Win Shots 9 Barrel (cm) 51 Length (cm) 97 Weight (g) 3100 Color Black Butt Synthetic Hand - Weapon Type Linear rifle MSRP 1999 € incl. tax
Item number BRO2471 Designation Maral 30-06 Spr Category C Caliber .30-06 Springfield Shots 10 Barrel (cm) 51 Length (cm) 97 Weight (g) 3100 Color Black Butt Synthetic Hand Right-handed Weapon Type Linear rifle MSRP 1999 € incl. tax

The available products can be ordered by your gunsmith who will be delivered in 24 / 48h, unavailable products are being replenished, but your gunsmith may have in stock, ask!

The most effective linear rearming rifle:
Safer, more ergonomic, faster

The rifle with linear reset ready to receive a silencer.

The Maral has a 'Quick Relaoding System' linear armament that gives the shooter unprecedented speed and unprecedented shooting comfort.
The Maral SF Composite Nordic HC puts the black in the spotlight (stock and handguard), giving a new look to this rifle that quickly earned the lion's share in the category to which it belongs.
  • Threaded barrel (M14x1) for fitting a sound moderator
  • Nomad Hybrid mounting rail for fitting a telescope (delivered without glasses)
  • Capacity of 9 + 1 or 10 + 1 shots according to the caliber.

Rifle delivered without glasses - Photo not contractual.

Ideal for the beat and the lookout.

With its unrivaled experience in the production of hunting rifles, Browning innovates in the segment of linear rearming rifles by launching the Maral. A true technical revolution, its Quick Relaoding System gives the shooter unprecedented speed and unprecedented shooting comfort. Browning combines this new technology with the experience it has in gun making and its safety expertise with its 7-bolt lock that already equips more than a million rifles worldwide. The efficiency is also measured at the level of the breech which remains confined in the case, which allows a continuous aiming during the shooting.

The Maral SF Fluted HC Linear Rifle is available in 300 WM caliber. The main features are the 7-bolt latch, the cylinder head confined in the housing and the patented fast reloading system. Ideal beaten as on the lookout, it is equipped with a fluted barrel, a falling charger and a stick quickly removable. New arming lever.

Supplied in ABS elite suitcase.

1. New system of frank and direct relaxation

For absolute precision shooting, there is no other alternative than the new, quick, super-direct relaxation for exceptional sensations.

2. Hand Cocking Manual Builder: Guaranteed Security

Ergonomic easy grip

Rapid lacrosse disassembly system

New controller for improved shooting comfort

3. Cylinder head confined in the housing: No hindrance during rearming

Removable charger

Battue band with optical fiber: Delivered also with a lookout

7-bolt safety lock: A legendary lock that provides exceptional security and accuracy.

4. Browning Nomad mountings: New ultra-precise and fast removable mounting system. Climb up and down in 5 seconds!

5. Quick Reloading system: The assisted latch reminder system combines maximum safety, speed and efficiency. By saving time during the rearming phase, the shooter can focus on the shooting action.

  • Overall length: 970 mm
  • Butt length: 360 mm
  • Barrel length: 610 mm
  • Charger type: DBM
  • Canon: Flute
  • Cannon finish: Bronzed
  • Sight: Optical fiber
  • Wood Grade: Grade 3
  • Wood: Oiled sandpaper
  • Stock: Bavarian pistol grip
  • Handguard: Tulip
Context : linear rearming weapon, big game hunting, Browning rifle, 30-06, 308 win, hunting rifle references: 035095218, 035096226
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