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Hunting guns include all category C (formerly category D1) weapons with 1 or 2 smooth barrels, superimposed or side-by-side hunting rifles, and category C semi-automatic smoothbore as well as rifles with rifled barrels, bolt action or semi-automatic and express rifles.

Over-and-under shotguns from the biggest brands, side-by-side shotguns, rifled barreled hunting rifles, bolt action hunting rifles, express hunting rifles, rifled and smooth overlay mixed rifles in 12 calibres, caliber 20, 308 Win, 270Win, 8x57 JRS, 30-06, 9.3 x 62, 300 Win Mag, 222 remington, .... As of August 1, 2018, smoothbore hunting weapons pass into category C (subject to declaration) while they were previously in D1 (Subject to registration). A hunting rifle is defined as a rifled barrel weapon intended for hunting and saying cartridges with metal holster. Hunting rifles are more particularly intended for shooting large game: wild boar, deer, foxes ... There are bolt-action hunting rifles, semi-automatic rifles and even express, hunting rifles with 2 superimposed or juxtaposed barrels. . Where to find inexpensive hunting rifles? All weapons and ammunition intended for hunting are available from Europ-Arm. Luxury hunting rifles and inexpensive hunting guns are available from stock at Europ-Arm.
In France products of categories A, B, C or D are subject to rules of purchase, port, transport and detention. For more details please consult the link below.
Classification of weapons according to the French Internal Security Code
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