Price range (€ TTC)
Weight (g)
Length (cm)
Height (cm)
Magnification Min
Objectif Diam. (mm)
Diameter (mm)
Diam. (mm)
Width (cm)
Magnification Max
Tension (v)
Tuning 100m
Field min 100 m
Thickness (cm)
Elevation stroke (MoA)
Windage stroke (MoA)
Twilight fact Min
Field max 100 m
Twilight fact Max
Vol (ml)
Photo ea

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A range completes of Optics, Lamps and Electronics: sight red, glasses of hunting, glasses of shooting, assemblyfor glasses, picatinny rail, prismatic rail of 11mm, twins, rangefinders, night-vision, flashlight, headlamp...

The optics of shooting group all the optical and electronic instruments which allow to improve the aim with regard to organs of aim métallipque open. Glasses with strong magnification are: glasses of hide for the hunting at long distance, tactical glasses for the marksmen or sniper; glasses with low magnification are: glasses of beat or telescope for the hunting and the glasses of CQB for the close combat; the red points or the red-dowry can answer in even needs.
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