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Archery: choose your arrow spin

How to choose the spin of your arrows according to your bow :



The spine , numerical value written on each tube, corresponds to its rigidity .

The greater the value of the spine, the softer the arrow!

The spine is very important because an arrow must be matched to the power of a bow.

Indeed, a spine that is too weak (therefore too rigid) will cause a lateral deviation of the arrows on target.

The spine value (ex. 1500) that you find written on your arrows is the value of the deformation expressed in thousandths of an inch (1 inch = 25.4mm) and under the following conditions,

  • weight in the center of the arrow of 1.94lbs or 880g
  • distance between supports of 28 inches or 71.12 cm


There are therefore tables allowing you to choose, according to the suppliers, the right spine corresponding to the power delivered by the bow and the length of the archer .

Easton Table

Table Victory VAP

Skylon Table