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Paintball Vocabulary

Guide for the technical paintball vocabulary 

Paintball Vocabulary 

ABS: Abbreviation of Anti-Bolt Stick: Adjustment on certain electropneumatic markers which after a time without shooting increases the time for the next shot.

ACE: Abbreviation for Anti Chop Eyes: Electronic eye that prevents the cylinder head from cutting a ball.

Advanced cradle: Piece used to move the bottle towards the front of the throw for a better distribution of the center of gravity.

Compressed air: Air taken from the atmosphere, pressurized with a compressor, usually around 10 bars. Air supply: threaded piece for installing the bottle.

On: Term used to describe a player who is eliminated by an abnormally high number of balls.

Anodized: Process for protecting or decorating a room.

Anti double feeding: (= Ball detent) is a system which allows to block the chambered ball thus preventing the second ball from being chambered.

Anti tamp: Metal piece preventing the bolt or the cocking rod from touching the player during a shot.

Anti-siphon: Small metal tube attached to the valve to prevent the CO2 liquid from entering the launcher.

ASA: (= Air Source Adapter) is the part of the throw where the compressed air bottle is screwed.

Avance Craddle: Part used to advance the bottle to improve balance and make the launcher more compact.

Band / Long band: Play area following the edge of the field. Big game: game bringing together many participants.

Cannon plug: plastic or metal plug that fits at the end of the barrel and allows you to stop a shot.

Valve cap: is a valve head protection cap.

Bounce: On an electronic launcher, it's the action of finding a point on the trigger or a shot will lead to another. On an electropneumatic launcher it is when it is adjusted in such a way that without activating the ramp, the launcher pulls more a ball by pressure of the holders.

Cadence clamping: This is the limitation of the maximum cadence of a launcher.

Bunker: Any type of obstacle that can be used to protect against enemy fire.

Buttplate: Accessory to be installed at the end of a cylinder to facilitate the shoulder of the launcher.

Camo: (camouflage) means a play outfit intended to imitate a type of environment.

Charger: Plastic container placed on the marker in which are stored.

Chest: Padded paintball clothing protecting the upper body.

Clinic: Designates generally paid training sessions.

Corner: Designates the obstacles located at the four corners of the terrain.

Cradle: Accessory allowing to position its air bottle in an adjustable way under the handle.

Cylinder head: Brings the gas into contact with the ball to propel it.

Dead Zone or Dead Box: Zone where players eliminated during a match go there.

Debounce: Automatic adjustment of a launcher to reduce bounce.

Trigger: Mechanism to trigger the firing cycle.

Safety disc: Small copper disc which bursts in the event of overpressure in the compressed air or CO2 bottle.

Dump: The act of getting close enough to an opponent to touch them at close range.

Wipe: The act of cheating by erasing an impact.

Facet: Imperfection on a paintball.

Muzzle brake: Front part of a drilled barrel to reduce turbulence at the barrel exit.

Front player: Players positioned furthest from the field by a team.

Full face: Elimination of a player following an impact in the mask.

Kick: Name of the recoil generated by a shot.

Launcher: Term used to replace the expression paintball gun.

Walking: The act of walking on a playground to spot it.

Marker: Term used to designate a pistol propelling balls.

Micro line: Small plastic hose allowing gas transfer.

Noob: Pejorative term designating a beginner player.

Out: Term designating the elimination of a player.

Overshooting: Term to describe an elimination where the referee considers that the number of shots is excessive and results in a penalty.

Prebunk: The act of shooting at an opponent or an area from the start of the match while stopped or in motion.

Ramp: Configuration of an electropneumatic marker to fire at the maximum programmed rate.

Reball: Reusable rubber ball for target shooting.

Rof: Rate of fire.

Rookie: Term designating a player in his first year of competition at a level.

Roster: Term designating the list of players making up a team.

Splash: Term used to signal an elimination.

Sight: Accessory allowing to adjust its shooting.

Sailing: Triangular Airball obstacle.