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Airsoft vocabulary

Airsoft Technical Vocabulary Guide


Vocabulary AIRSOFT


ACU: Abbreviation for Airman Combat Uniform: corresponds to an outfit inspired by military outfit.

AEG: Abbreviation for Automactic Electric Gun: a replica firearm propelling rounds of bullets.

AEP: Abbreviation for Automatic Electric Pistol: replica of handgun firing one shot at a time or a burst.

APS3: Lubricating spray with silicone allowing to maintain the replica while avoiding jams of balls in the barrel.

Bax: System for adjusting the horizontal and vertical trajectory of the ball.

BB: Used to qualify the 6 mm or 8 mm balls.

BB loader: Accessory used to recharge the charger of a replica.

Blow back: Movement towards the rear of the breech of a semi-automatic weapon at the start of the shot allowing to chamber the next cartridge. In Airsoft, this movement is recreated on certain replicas to make their operation much more realistic.

Bolt action: These are replicas (bolt action rifles) based on a piecemeal rearming system.

Chargette: Accessory consisting of a transparent and hollow tube fitted with two end caps and a rigid plastic rod.

CQB or CQC: Abbreviation for Close Quarter Battle or Close Quarter Combat: is a short-range combat technique, in a confined environment (= buildings, buses, etc.).

Downgrade: Operation which consists in reducing the power of the replica, often for security reasons.

EBB: Abbreviation for Electric Blow Black: It is a replica of an automatic electric fist fitted with a movable breech system.

EPB: Abbreviation for Electronic Power Boost: Small electronic module that connects to an AEG between the battery and the replica.

FPS: Abbreviation for Feet Per Second: corresponding to the speed measurement unit of the ball at the barrel exit.

Trigger: Piece connecting the trigger tail to the hammer or hammer release mechanism, very often confused with the trigger tail. GBB: Abbreviation of Gaz Blow Back: gas replica operating in blowback mode.

GNB: Abbreviation of Non Blowback Gas: gas replica operating with a fixed cylinder head Green gas: Heavy gas used in GBB replicas.

Hi-cap: Large capacity magazine capable of accommodating 200 to 600 balls depending on the model.

Hop-up: System invented and patented by the firm Tokyo Marui. Consists of a small piece of rubber placed at the entrance to the gun of Airsoft replicas.

Holosight: Designates an improved holographic viewfinder (red dot). It is one of the most expensive types of Airsoft sights.

HPA : System to transform your long AEG replica into a compressed air replica

Joule: Unit of energy qualifying the power of a replica.

Kick: Refers to the recoil of a replica. Low-cap: Low capacity magazine capable of accommodating 30 to 60 balls.

MC: Abbreviation for MultiCam: Type of camouflage allowing you to adapt to several different environments.

Mid-cap: Intermediate capacity magazine capable of accommodating 80 to 200 balls.

Knurl: It is the action of raising the balls of the magazine by turning the thumb wheel below the magazine.

NBB: Abbreviation for Non BlowBlack: These are gas pistol replicas with a fixed breech.

Noscope: Means a shot made without aiming beforehand.

Nozzle: Internal mechanical part used to push the magazine ball into the hop-up block.

OP: Abbreviation of operation: Means the parts of Airsoft taking place over several days, in opposition to the classic parts called "Sunday part".

Out: Term designating that a player has just been hit by a ball.

Picatinny: Standard rail model with a width of 21 mm allowing to fix a telescope for example.

Red dot: "red dot" in French, is an optical system with just a red dot for aiming.

Rush: The act of running towards the opponent by shooting.

Sparklet: Refers to a miniature CO2 cartridge necessary for the operation of handguns.

Flat tappet: Internal element connected to the nozzle allowing movements from back to front.

Unscope: Operation which consists in shooting without looking into the scope of the replica.

Upgrade: Hardware modification aimed at increasing the power of a replica to increase its range and / or its accuracy.

Neutral zone: Also called "safe zone" is the area of ​​the field which is protected from shooting and which is not integrated into the playing zone.