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Red dot sights: How to choose?

Let's start at the beginning: What is a red dot sight?


The red dot sight (or red dot) is a firearm accessory that projects a luminous point (or reticle) on a lens.

there are several red dot models that are distinguished by their shape, brightness or other characteristics. The choice of a red dot is made by considering its weight, size and format.

Using a red dot has several advantages:

  • It brings improved accuracy and faster target acquisition.
  • It allows you to remain discreet because, unlike a laser, the light beam is not projected on the target.
  • Most red dots compensate for parallax when the shooter moves their head, this means that the reticle stays close to the point of impact of the projectile regardless of the shooter's angle of view.
  • It can be used for CQC (Close Quarter Combat), a combat engagement technique with short-range weapons, used by certain police groups, special units such as SWAT or GIGN.


We will now see the different types of red dot sights.




this is the most common model. Its name comes from the fact that it allows rapid aiming in order to perform an instinctive and precise shot. It is recommended in situations where correctly adjusting your target is not possible. The reflex allows you to keep both eyes open when aiming.

Its reticle can take various shapes (triangle, circle, dot) depending on your needs. The reflex target is less coarse than that which is present on a holographic viewfinder.

The reflex will be favored during missions with short engagement distances. Its format makes it a viewfinder with a minimum of bulk so as not to hinder your progress.


2. The tubular red dot: AIMPOINT HUNTER RED DOT SIGHT


Presented in the form of a cylinder, it has two lenses. The rear lens projects the red dot onto the front lens.

It is a sight that takes up more space on the weapon than a reflex sight but it has a much greater range. The addition of a magnifier offers the possibility of alternating between a shot at short and medium distance. It will be perfect for outdoor use, mounted on medium or long weapons, for shooting at moderate distances.

Its cost is higher than other types of red dot sights.


3. The holographic red dot: POINT ROUGE PANORAMA MK III


The holographic red dot (or red hot holosight) works like a classic red dot. It allows rapid target acquisition with a large field of vision while keeping both eyes open. The reticle is usually a round dot in the center of the sight to ensure better accuracy when firing.

The holographic viewfinder combines the advantages of the reflex and the tubular: use at short and medium distance while keeping both eyes open.



The RMR red dot sight is a miniature reflex sight intended to be mounted on handguns. They can be attached to the frame of certain pistols.


Red dot sights no longer hold any secrets for you. If you are interested in this type of product, do not hesitate to contact one of our sales representatives (contact section) for more information.