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Legal information and regulations

Europ-Arm will keep you informed of developments in the regulations and important legal information!

09/20/2019 - Obligatory consultation of the FINIADA file

We remind you that consultation with FINIADA is absolutely mandatory before any sale of weapons of categories A1 - B and C, new or used, both as a gunsmith and as a broker.

Only weapons classified in category D are exempted from it, which can however only be acquired by adults.

Some of our colleagues are currently being prosecuted for not consulting the file, and this may lead to the loss of their authorizations.

Source: ASOC


01/18/2023 - Electronic stimulation collars for dogs


The confusion is maintained, voluntarily or not, between the vote of 01/16/23 in the National Assembly and the final adoption of the law by Parliament. However, this is only the first step in a long and complex legislative process, which would go through the Senate in particular, where the trend is quite different.


There are many examples of bills passed in the National Assembly without going any further. We are therefore still very far from an effective application, contrary to what some media report… and the deputy herself.


There is therefore little chance that the text will continue its legislative journey as it stands and in the context of a reading in the Senate, it would be largely reworked in the direction of pragmatism, adapting to our economic realities, and devoid of the ideological significance it has today.


As such, the ECMA association, which brings together the main manufacturers of electronic collars, considers that it is preferable to regulate the use of electronic collars by safety standards, rather than outright banning them.


This work has already been started by the ECMA with the publication of the AFNOR SPEC 2205 normative repository of 10/10/22.


The threat is therefore media, not political. Rest assured that we are following this text very closely and that we are fully mobilized on this subject so that the use of quality electronic collars that respect animal welfare remains authorized in France.


To date, no sales or uses are suspended!