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Norma: the different warheads and their characteristics

Norma has 120 years of experience in manufacturing ammunition for hunting and sport shooting. Always at the forefront of technology and ballistics, the company offers a wide range of cartridges with warheads adapted to each of the needs of its customers.

In this article, we will detail the different warheads of the brand and their characteristics.


Bondstrike: Projectile suitable for big game hunting, it consists of a jacketed lead bullet with a profiled polymer tip and a boat tail shape. This design ensures high bullet expansion for blistering stopping power.


Ecostryke: A projectile for medium and large game hunting for ecological hunting. A copper and nickel warhead offering deep penetration, a high ballistic coefficient and the ability to expand at both low and high speeds.


Tipstryke: The lead bullet is combined with a polymer tip and a mechanical reinforcement on the back of the shirt. The set causes an optimal expansion of the projectile, resulting in a devastating effect. The design of this warhead combines maximum stopping power with deep penetration. This makes it a bullet perfectly suited to hunting modes where immediate stopping power is essential, such as driven hunts for example.


Evostryke: A lead-free bullet that will not expand but fragment. The front core breaks apart after penetrating a few centimeters into the flesh. The rear part remains homogeneous and ensures deep penetration and ball exit.


African PH: A bullet designed for penetration in a straight line ensuring strong stopping power on the most recalcitrant game.


Silencer: There are more and more short-barreled weapons on the market. However, the majority of hunting cartridges are studied and designed for barrel lengths of at least 61 cm. For barrels less than this length, the combustion of the powder is not complete and the ammunition does not exploit its full potential. Also, Norma offers a range of cartridges optimized for use in short barrels. Reduced powder load, reduced muzzle pressure and increased speed.


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