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Gas weapons, blank pistols, revolvers with rubber bullets, projectors of pepper gel and gas aerosols, electroshocks, brass knuckles and tonfas ... The revolvers and the pistols of alarm or of defense are most often replicas of real firearms, but they do not propel bullets. These blank or gas weapons, however, can propel CS gas or pepper spray depending on the ammunition that is used, but more often than not they are simply noisy, emitting a loud bang in an attempt to scare off attackers. Indeed, no need to shoot real bullet to use its dissuasive power, very often, a malicious person will prefer to flee in front of an armed person.

Blank firing pistol Chiappa, revolver blank Umarex, pistols blank Beretta, revolver to white Smith and Wesson, gas bomb CS, Guardian Angel, Jet Protector, JPX II, JPX 4, bats, American fist, handcuffs, the set of reams and equipment for the individual defense and the defense of the place of residence.

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