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all products Yildiz exceptional shotguns

A series of exceptional Yildiz shotguns distinguished by their engravings handmade by real gunsmiths, their woods selected from the best pieces of walnut for the beauty of their veining and always the quality of Yildiz mechanics with scales fluids made of aerospace grade light alloy, cannons drilled in the best steel and quality adjustments.

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1220.00 € TTC

Yildiz SPZ superimposed rifle Special cal. 410

Réf. : MC1142

2270.00 € TTC

Fusil superposé Yildiz SPZ ME Spécial Luxe cal. 410

Réf. : MC1141

1435.00 € TTC

Shotgun juxtaposed Yildiz Elegant A1 E Special ...

Réf. : MC41213

780.00 € TTC

Semi-automatic rifle Yildiz A65 Special cal. ...

Réf. : MC8113

990.00 € TTC

Semi-automatic rifle Yildiz A71 Special Luxe cal. ...

Réf. : MC8112 / MC8120

2210.00 € TTC

Rifle juxtaposed Yildiz Special Luxury cal. 410/76

Réf. : MC41241

2450.00 € TTC

Rifle juxtaposed Yildiz Special Luxury cal. 12/76

Réf. : MC41212

1275.00 € TTC

Overhead shotgun Yildiz SPZ ME Special cal. 12/76

Réf. : MC1113

2380.00 € TTC

Shotgun Yildiz SPZ ME cal. 12/76

Réf. : MC1112

2480.00 € TTC

Bunk Yildiz Super SPZ ME Special Luxury - Cal 20/76

Réf. : MC183

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1-10 on 10 item(s)

A selection of Yildiz shotguns over and unde with beautiful engravings, shotguns juxtaposed for lovers of traditional hunting and semi-automatic shotguns decorated with fine engravings.

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