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Ici, Europ-Arm répond à vos questions !

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- Web articles - They talk about us!

- How to choose the right shotgun? Advice from Europ-Arm

- How to choose your pair of binoculars? Advice from Europ-Arm

- Rules of the Dog Trace contest

- Europ-Arm / Sport-Attitude / Armsco charter for the protection of personal data under the GDPR

- How to connect to the Europ-Arm site as a professional?

- How to order the Europ-Arm catalogue?

- What are the new gun regulations?

- What is the technical vocabulary of airsoft and paintball?

- How have Internet users found our site so far?


The questions / answers:


  • What does "CS" mean in CS gas?

Also called 2-chlorobenzylidene malonitrile ; "CS" are the initials of chemists Ben CORSON and Roger STOUGHTON who synthesized the molecule in the 1950s.