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cat. Chasse 2019 p.42

Browning Gold Semi-auto Rifle 10 Special Waterfowl

Browning Gold Semi-auto Rifle 10 Special Waterfowl

Item number : BRO569

Item number Designation Category Caliber Chamber (mm) Shots Barrel (cm) Length (cm) Weight (g) Butt Hand MSRP Stock
Item number BRO569 Designation Browning Gold Semi-auto Rifle 10 Special Waterfowl Category C Caliber cal. 10 Chamber (mm) 89 mm Shots 3 Barrel (cm) 76 Length (cm) 133 Weight (g) 4400 Butt Synthetic Hand Right-handed MSRP 1720 € incl. tax

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Fusil de chasse semi auto calibre 10 spécial sauvagine

Rifle particularly adapted to the hunting of the waterfowl and the pigeon thanks to the long reach which gives it its important caliber. The lead / steel charges can reach 71 grams which allows shots effective up to 50m and more. Operation by borrowing gases.
Synthetic stock with camouflagedura touch armor coating.
Delivered with 1 choke key and 3 interchangeable chokes: full (lead only), modified (1/2 choke lead or full steel) and imp. Cylindrical (without lead choke or modified steel) and a security padlock to avoid use by third parties.

Easy maintenance: unscrew the magazine nut, remove the barrel, pull the arming lever out of its housing and the parts of the cylinder head are released.

Canon 76 cm - 10 cal

Overall length: 133 cm - weight: 4. 440 kg

Proven weapon steel balls.

10 / 3'1 / 2 gauge - 10 / 89mm size


Monocanon lisse
Monocanon lisse
Cal 10
Cal 10
Eprouvé acier
Eprouvé acier
Catégorie C
Catégorie C

Context : Reference BROWNING: 11234112, large caliber shotgun, shotgun, caliber 10, the super caliber for shotgun, the largest caliber of shotguns, pubchannel ...
In France products of categories A, B, C or D are subject to rules of purchase, port, transport and detention. For more details please consult the link below.
Classification of weapons according to the French Internal Security Code

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