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cat. Chasse 2020 p.249

Evanix air rifle sniper cal. 5.5 mm to 9 mm

Evanix air rifle sniper cal. 5.5 mm to 9 mm

Item number : CA6411 CA6412 CA6413 CA6414

SKU Item designation RGA French Law Caliber Shots Energy (J) Speed (m/s) Barrel (cm) Length (cm) Weight (g) MSRP Stock
SKU CA6411 Item designation 5.5 mm - 60 days BM691 French Law C Caliber .22 (5.5 mm) Shots 11 Energy (J) 60 Speed (m/s) 346 Barrel (cm) 61 Length (cm) 104 Weight (g) 3900 MSRP 1325 € incl. tax
SKU CA6412 Item designation 6.35 mm - 80 days AR687 French Law C Caliber .25 (6.35 mm) Shots 10 Energy (J) 80 Speed (m/s) 338 Barrel (cm) 61 Length (cm) 104 Weight (g) 3900 MSRP 1325 € incl. tax
SKU CA6413 Item designation 7.62 mm - 100 d BM959 French Law C Caliber 7.62 mm Air Shots 8 Energy (J) 100 Speed (m/s) 248 Barrel (cm) 66 Length (cm) 104 Weight (g) 3900 MSRP 1490 € incl. tax
SKU CA6414 Item designation 9 mm - 150 days AR686 French Law C Caliber 9 mm Air Shots 7 Energy (J) 150 Speed (m/s) 239 Barrel (cm) 66 Length (cm) 104 Weight (g) 3900 MSRP 1560 € incl. tax

The available products can be ordered by your gunsmith who will be delivered in 24 / 48h, out of stock products are being replenished, but your gunsmith may have in stock, ask!

PCP Evanix high power weapons are designed for target shooting, metal gong shooting and pest control.

With their power of 60 to 300 joules, they allow effective fire at more than 100 m for some models!

PCP rifles operate with pre-compressed air at 200 bar using a pump or compressor. The tank of each weapon allows to shoot several dozen shots without reloading.

Air rifle repetition for sport shooting!

  • PCP rifle with manual repetition quick and easy by side lever.
  • Picatinny rails for mounting a telescope or a red dot.
  • Retractable stock and adjustable to fit all shooters and gain compactness.
  • Cannon sheathed and its muzzle brake for more comfort shooting.
  • Rechargeable with a compressor, a manual pump or on a diving bottle, its PCP tank ensures a range of up to 150 strokes (5.5mm). Quick fixing tank.
  • Barrel: rifled from 24 '' - 61 cm to 26 '' - 66 cm
  • Total length: 41 '' to 46 '' - 104 to 117 cm
  • Magazine: 11 rounds
  • Type of projectiles: diabolo only
  • Repetition: manual by side lever
  • Air tank: 290 cc at 200 bars
  • Autonomy: up to 150 shots with integrated control manometer.
  • Relaxation: trigger with adjustable dimple in 3 positions. Departure at 1kg approx.
  • Safety: manual
  • Ambidextrous stock with height-adjustable cheek rest.
  • 3 prismatic rails of 21mm picatinny type for fixing a telescope and accessories.

Requires a 200 bar hose for recharging (see related products below) and a cylinder of compressed air at 200 bars or more (diving tank).

Non-contractual photo: rifle delivered without scope


Category C
Category C

Context : PCP, target shooting, shooting club, FFDT, destruction of pests ...
In France products of categories A, B, C or D are subject to rules of purchase, port, transport and detention. For more details please consult the link below.
Classification of weapons according to the French Internal Security Code

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