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cat. Chasse 2019 p.618

Decorative replica Denix Russian submachine gun PPSH-41

Denix Denix

Decorative replica Denix Russian submachine gun PPSH-41

Item number : CD9301

MSRP : 235.00 € incl. tax
Item number : CD9301
Item number Designation Category Length (cm) Weight (g) MSRP Stock
Item number CD9301 Designation Decorative replica Denix Russian submachine gun PPSH-41 Category Free sale Length (cm) 85 Weight (g) 3740 MSRP 235 € incl. tax

The available products can be ordered by your gunsmith who will be delivered in 24 / 48h, unavailable products are being replenished, but your gunsmith may have in stock, ask!

Dummy reproduction in wood and metal of the machine gun PPSH-41, Soviet Union 1941.

The PPSh-41 (Pulemyot Shpagina Pistol in Russian) was designed by Georgi Shpagin SMG as a cheap and simplified alternative to the SMG PPD-40. It was one of the main light weapons of the Soviet armed forces during the Second World War. The total amount of PPSh-41 machine guns manufactured during the Second World War is estimated at more than 6 million. It could be powered by a charger or a curved drum, with the Tokarev cartridge of 7.62 x 25. The PPSh-41 was also widely used during the Korean War.

Technical characteristics :

  • Length: 85 cm.
  • Weight: 3740 g.
  • Time: World Wars 1914/1918 - 1939/1945.
  • Type of collection: Machine guns and machine guns.
Context : dummy reproduction PPSh-41, Russian decorative replica, dummy replica of the submachine gun PPSH-41.
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