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cat. Chasse 2020 p.389

Set of 50 balls Minié

Set of 50 balls Minié

Ref. Item designation Category Caliber Diam. (mm) Pack. Grains Grams MSRP Stock
Ref. RE8002 Item designation CAL 45 (447) Category D Caliber .45 BP Diam. (mm) 11.35 Pack. 50 Grains 350 Grams 22.68 MSRP 58.10 € incl. tax
Ref. RE8000 Item designation CAL .45 (450) Category D Caliber .45 BP Diam. (mm) 11.43 Pack. 50 Grains 310 Grams 20.08 MSRP 59.20 € incl. tax
Ref. RE8003 Item designation CAL 54 (547) Category D Caliber .54 BP Diam. (mm) 13.89 Pack. 50 Grains 520 Grams 33.69 MSRP 67.10 € incl. tax
Ref. RE8004 Item designation CAL 58 (577) Category D Caliber .58 BP Diam. (mm) 14.65 Pack. 50 Grains 620 Grams 40.17 MSRP 69.20 € incl. tax
Ref. RE8001 Item designation CAL .58 (580) Category D Caliber .58 BP Diam. (mm) 14.73 Pack. 50 Grains 640 Grams 41.47 MSRP 72.20 € incl. tax
Ref. RE8005 Item designation CAL 58 (585) Category D Caliber .58 BP Diam. (mm) 14.86 Pack. 50 Grains 645 Grams 41.79 MSRP 72.20 € incl. tax

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Balles Minié Pedersoli en plomb pour le tir à la poudre Noire

In lead for shooting in black powder. Balls hollow base that marry at best the scratches of the barrel thanks to the pressure of the gases.

Balls manufactured by Davide Pedersoli & Co. according to the strictest standards.

The Minie bullet was a cylindrico-conical lead bullet, a caliber slightly smaller than the gun barrel for which it was intended. It had at the base four outer grooves filled with grease and a conical hole. As designed by Minié, the bullet had an iron pin at its base in order to advance it and, under the pressure of the gases, to seal by filling the space between it and the barrel, allowing him to come into contact with his stripes.

The ancestor of the Minié bullet was created in 1848 by the captains of the French Army Montgomery and Henri-Gustave Delvigne. Their design was made to allow the quick loading of the rifles by the mouth, an innovation that led to its generalization as a mass weapon of the battlefield. In 1826, Delvigne had invented a bullet that could be compressed and expanded to overmould the grooves of the rifle barrel. The design of the cylindro-conical warhead of the bullet was proposed in 1832 by Captain John Norton, but had not been adopted.


Category D
Category D

Context : Reference PEDERSOLI DAVIDE: USA523. 450 or USA523450
Reference PEDERSOLI DAVIDE: USA_523. 580 or USA523580
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