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cat. Chasse 2020 p.239

200 bar filling tube - bottle

200 bar filling tube - bottle

Item number : CA13946

SKU Item designation French Law French Law MSRP Stock
SKU CA13946 Item designation 200 bar filling tube - bottle French Law Vente libre French Law Free sale MSRP 89 € incl. tax

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Tube de liaison pour remplissage des armes à air 200 bars

Intended to fill tanks with pre-compressed airguns (PCP).

  • One side with no male screw compatible diving bottle 230 bars + bleed valve.
  • One side with no female screw compatible carbines Gamo PCP & Evanix.

Use :

  • Screw the hose tightly onto the bottle, screw in the filler pin provided with the gun at the other end.
  • Fit the pin on the tank of the weapon.
  • Close the hose bleed valve.
  • Open the cylinder valve until the tank is filled to 200 bar.
  • Close the faucet on the bottle.
  • Open the hose bleed valve to empty the 200 bar air in the hose.
  • Detach the pine from the weapon.
  • It's OK, you can go shoot!

Note: during the first filling, it is sometimes necessary to start filling more suddenly to prime the valve of the tank of the weapon.

Context : target shooting, shooting club, FFDT, destruction of pests, connecting tube for filling air weapons 200 bars ...
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