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Weapons maintenance products. The deoxidants distributed by Europ-Arm help fight oxidation of weapons, rust bites, rough or penetrating oxidation.

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65.00 € TTC

Deoxidizer cleaner for Lefaucheux cases

Réf. : EN0103

15.30 € TTC

Neutralisant Lefaucheux in 125 ml

Réf. : EN0102

14.00 € TTC

Deoxidizer end Lefaucheux in 125 ml

Réf. : EN0101

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1-3 on 3 item(s)

Describes a product performing deoxidation. (A deoxidant is a body more hungry for oxygen than the product to be purified, for steel, aluminum, manganese or silicon are used, and for copper alloys, phosphorus is mainly used.)

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