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POWER MAX electroshock defense


Catégorie D

POWER MAX electroshock defense

Item number : AD511

MSRP From : 66.00 € incl. tax
Defense apparatus
Item number : AD511
Item number Designation Category Length (cm) Weight (g) Battery Color Tension (v) MSRP Stock
AD511 Defense apparatus Free sale 19 235 6LR61 Black 500000 66 € incl. tax

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Electroshock 500 000 volts with pin cut circuit.
  • With wrist strap making the device inoperative, if it is torn from its user.

The POWER MAX has a high power, which is intended for professional use. It can be used as a means of self-defense against all types of attackers as well as on dangerous animals.

The high voltage of the device goes through even the layers of thick clothing (including leather). The user can not in any case be touched by the electric shock, even if he is in contact with the aggressor.

Using the contact pads of the POWER MAX shocker on the limb, abdomen, flanks, lower back, or joints of the aggressor results in:

  • 1/2 second ... muscle tightness and fear.
  • 1 to 2 seconds ... Average discharge that can lead to the fall of the aggressor as well as an emotional shock. The attacker can however get up after a few moments.
  • 3 to 5 seconds ... Total discharge leading to the fall of the aggressor, emotional shock and loss of orientation. These effects may take a few minutes.
  • Works with two 9-volt LR61 type batteries (not included).

The shocker also has a deterrent effect on your attacker if you operate it remotely, due to the fear of the wiring harness and its crackling sound. We advise you to use this defense electroshock with a surprise effect to increase the effects on the aggressor.

Made in Europe.

Context : shocker, electric paralyzer, shocker crackling, Power max shoker, defense weapon, manufactured by ESP Euro Security products, defense apparatus.

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