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Automatic 12 v electron drain, 12 to 20 m projection

 sans marque EA sans marque EA

Automatic 12 v electron drain, 12 to 20 m projection

MSRP From : 170.00 € incl. tax
Electronic auto trainer
Item number : A50912
MSRP From : 42.00 € incl. tax
Battery / 12 volts - 4.5 Ah
Item number : A55102
MSRP From : 27.00 € incl. tax
Battery charger 6 v / 12 v
Item number : A55110
Item number Designation Category Height (cm) Color Tension (v) MSRP Stock
A50912 Electronic auto trainer Free sale 28 Green 12 170 € incl. tax
Item number Designation MSRP Stock
A55102 Battery / 12 volts - 4.5 Ah 42 € incl. tax
A55110 Battery charger 6 v / 12 v 27 € incl. tax

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The Power Feeder 12-20 meters is for small but also big game.

Designed for adjustable quantities and any type of grain, it will spread over a wide radius of 12 to 20m.
It fits a container (not supplied) of 120l maximum capacity. The Power Feeder is powered by a 12v rechargeable battery (not supplied). It is installed on many containers with adjustable brackets.

  • Projection: 12 to 20 meters
  • Distribution time: 3 sec. (minimum) to 30 sec. (maximum)
  • Number of distribution: 6 on a 24 hour cycle
  • Maximum container volume: 120 L (not supplied).

Operating energy: 12 volts (batteries or batteries not included).

The Power Feeder retains the game on the territory and avoids damage to surrounding crops. Clinging to a tree branch, it is not likely to be trampled or overturned by an animal.
Programmable at specific times for different game this agrainoir is equipped with a digital clock coupled to the electric motor for 6 maximum flows in a 24-hour cycle.

Context : Landscaping, tars, smells, feeding, seed, territory hunting, game, wild, fox, boar, deer, deer, nutria, traces,

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